iManga Reader Lite App Reviews

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Why does its not working anymore? Paid for it and enjoy it for a few month but now, its updating and close immediately....

Love it

I can read all the mangas i want, Really, love it

Love it

Its very good, i even upgraded it. Unfornetly it is getting stuck on when updades the titles. Plz fix this


Its simply a waste of time the app wont work. Im running an iPad mini 2 with 8.2 and it wont even stay open Ridiculous

Not happy

I upgraded the lite version and paid for the full version. The idea just sounded great, but almost all mangas I choose to read couldnt be open with imanga but only with safari. To read mangas online I dont really need an app...WASTED MONEY!!!

Awesome app

Looks simply beautiful on the iPad, very responsive and a huge library of manga.

Absolute worst app

This app is a huge scam. They have no manga at all, all you get when you try to read a manga is some poor excuse that they dont have proper licensing to display it. Furthermore they claim that if you get the upgraded version for $1.99 that you will have access to ALL manga and a variety of other features, but this is not the case they steal your money and your stuck with app that is literally a worthless piece of garbage. I sincerely hope to see all the developers of this app sued and given jail time for fraud, and apple scolded for allowing this to happen to one of their customers.


The app has NOOO manga and it keeps shutting down on me I would have given this app a zero out of five but I liked how they organized it soo a one.

Scam app

There NO MANGA!!! It is an absolute waste of time. All I ever get is that manga chapters not available. Every manga in their catalogue is unavailable. This app should be taken down


Why should I buy Imanga reader again when ive already purchased it before? I feel kind ripped off and I hate how its a in-app purcase... Make the full version as a different app!!!! Oh wait, better yet, how bout you actually include mangas in this app?

Good app but

This is a great app but needs to get more manga


The app is crashes whenever I try to access my favorites list...


So I clicked upgrade to full version so it charged me 2.99 for it but it never upgraded I keep getting the popup for upgrade ..., plzz fix it!!!!!

So far, so good.

Well, I just downloaded this today, and its working as it said it would. I could read manga with no problems.. yet. Ive read the previous reviews on the older versions, and it seems the problems were fixed. Maybe it was just a lucky first time thing, but the app works fine. I like it, at least. :)


Its a great app. Some mangas are unavalible but thats okay Its a pretty cool app

Please Fix It!!!!!

I also just updated mine, but now it just says "quarrying data" So please fix it!!!!

Please fix

-.- still doesnt want to open, pls fix.

Pretty good

Fairly good selection of titles including some of the more well known manga series but it is somewhat slow sometimes even in the premium version.

Was good

Was pretty good until I upgraded to full. Then every time selecting "all" since Id rather just search via tittle kept crashing it. I then removed it and reinstalled hoping it would solve itself now I cant even update to a paid user. Honestly this app is better without the full version. Dont give the. A cent till they update.

Great app but a few issues

Really awesome app but it takes up waaay too much memory

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